This is Sticks the Badger the voice sounds download.

Sonic Boom: Rise of LyricEdit

The voice clips for the game are found in SBROL_Sticks. A lot of the voices recorded for the game aren't used at all or reference scrapped content.


Audio Transcript Character
"How did you know?! I've been looking for a spatula! Thank you, thank you." Sticks the Badger


Audio Transcript Character
"I found this worthless thing while digging for Shinies. I overheard that Cliff guy mentioned something about Crowns once... but I don't believe him. Trade ya for Shinies!" Sticks the Badger
"KA-CHING!" Sticks the Badger
"Now you have the ultimate power!" Sticks the Badger
"Buzz! Sorry! No more pretty princess crowns for you! Sticks the Badger
"The machine clicky-tink-tink no more. Time to say bye-bye!" Sticks the Badger


Audio Transcript Character
"Hi there! You give me shinies, I give you princess crowns, ok?" Sticks the Badger
"Use secret vision to find where the Shinies are buried, k?" Sticks the Badger
"I give you pretty princess crowns, and you can use this here upgrade machine thingamajimmy." Sticks the Badger